Feel Flows

Stars everywhere. There were countless, beautiful orbs across Micheal’s field of view. It was cold and it felt like outer space should feel. Though he shouldn’t be alive or breathing he found he was able to just fine and He found that he was completely naked. That’s when Micheal realized that he was dreaming. The awareness of the dream only distracted him from its beauty for mere seconds though.

There were no recognizable systems or constellations, this portion or corner of the universe that was being fabricated by his mind was completely unlike anything he’d seen or read about.

He turned his body ever so slightly and began to rotate much further and much faster than he expected. And as he twirled something magnificent came into view; He was in orbit around a beautiful world with purple and crimson swirling clouds! Almost indescribably beautiful. He felt sensations around his body the hairs on his neck stood up and he nearly gasped as the sight took on greater detail in his mind he was trying to record everything. He truly didn’t know if he was dreaming at this point because it felt very real. Where there were openings in the clouds, light seemed to stream out, as though this was a planet of fire underneath the thick atmosphere. Could he go toward it? How many rules could he break here? How many laws could he defy? Would his flesh be vaporized upon reentry?

The illusion was impressive, certainly everything looked and felt as real as anything he’d experienced in waking life. He wished for a camera, for the ability to take something tangible back when it was time to wake.

The closest real experience he could recount to feel the same were high speed express flights home from school. 45 minutes from Paris to Minneapolis. He had seen the curvature of the earth grow as the shuttle went to maximum altitude, but still, this was a whole new exhilaration because he was far enough away from the planet to see it completely fill the space of his vision and close enough to feel as though he could free-fall toward it.

Suddenly, as if that thought had given his body a jolt he became aware of a dark, pitch black disk shaped object ahead of him; it seemed to grow into what looked like a tunnel of complete darkness, like what he imagined a black hole could look like. A strange sound began to fill his ears; closely resembling digital clipping in a bad audio file and he felt his body being tugged forward.

“An Einstein Rosen Bridge?” he thought and then hoped, and suddenly he was being sucked in at increasing speed. Before long he could see his nose and hands stretching infinitely before him and his voice, his scream of excitement fell into boxes of impressionistic sound trailing behind him, he was traveling faster than thought and was entering a new state of peace when suddenly his eyes fluttered open and he gasped for air loudly causing him to feel as though he had just been dropped into reality.

It took him a few seconds to realize he was in his dorm room, in Paris, in his bed. He hated feeling startled after an intense dream but it was an experience he’d known all his life.

A gentle, soft sleepy voice came from the darkness and he became aware that he was laying in bed next to Pierre, “Are you fine Michel?”

it took him a moment or two to realize who he was with, he was stricken with alarm and then calmed down imperceptibly within the span of just a few seconds.

“Yes” he whispered back, “My name is Michael.”

Nothing came back from the darkness but he realized that pierre and he were somewhat embracing and they were both naked, and then he remembered that they had gotten very drunk together and he was able to infer the rest.

Michael fought the urge to get up, he lay there a minute staring into the darkness and then at some point fell back to sleep.


“Michel, Michel, wake up, I made a breakfast for us.”

Daylight constructed the familiar surroundings of his dormitory room.

“Thank you.” he said, while smiling at Pierre. Pierre was so incredibly cute and midway into the smile he felt Pierre’s lips against his and just as quickly but quite satisfyingly he stood back up and continued to go about his task in the kitchen. Pierre was still naked. It was slightly startling but when he remembered how much more free about the body the french were the shock dissipated.

Michael rose from the bed wrapping his lower body in his sheets as he looked around for his pajama bottoms.

“Why are American’s so shy?”

“I don’t know, I never thought about it.” he said as he tripped and fell over producing a loud thud. Pierre began to laugh with delight.

“Oh the stereotypes are so true, like Jerry Lewis, I think it is better if you are naked no?”

“Jerry Lewis liked to be naked?” Then he realized as the bad English began to make sense, “Oh the fall, No it is not better to be naked.” he laughed nervously, “I’ll keep my shirt off for you.”

“Oh, don’t perform favors for me please.” Pierre retorted.

Micheal walked over and sat at the small kitchen table where he ate most of his meals. “Will you kiss me again?”

“No.” Pierre responded smiling and clearly a bit hurt, then he leaned in and gave Micheal a kiss.

The boys ate omelets, toast and had coffee and after some more cuddling and kissing, Pierre dressed and was off.

Micheal sat and contemplated the events of the evening, he was able to gather some memories to piece the story together. Apparently what ever happened the night before, whatever commands he initiated for the hacker group had some kind of large scale repercussions, it was too strange to be a coincidence, at least not the whole thing. The power didn’t just switch off in Paris as he had previously thought but all over the planet.

The news report said a massive surge of electricity occurred and seemed to originate at CERN in Switzerland.

The world feared the worst would happen, but actually the best thing happened. After a few hours, people got bored and just started to party. It wasn’t just in Paris, apparently there were celebrations all over the world.

All the widespread panic, looting and other things didn’t really happen except in small pockets. No governments overthrown, no shifts in financial power, no world wars. It made Michael incredibly happy. Or maybe he was falling in love.

He spent the rest of the day reading, learning what had happened, what did the scientists think. Around 6 PM when the sun was lowering in the sky and he was enjoying a cup of coffee, his phone buzzed to indicate he had a message from Frederick.

Frederick: Had a strange dream last night i was flying through space, and I’m joining the off world corps, how are you?


The Circle Game

A very long time ago and before our world was known by its name, a family of brothers and sisters gathered together. Téoah had called the meeting. He was usually referred to as eldest and beyond that he held no title or power over his family or his people.

Along with his brothers and sisters, Åmaahris, Düroeriel, Ssájhsca, Raë and Ajheun, Téoah represented a great race of people whose knowledge and arts have been lost to something beyond even legend itself. Perhaps the only way to retrieve such knowledge is to understand and command time itself.

As the asker of this gathering, it was Téoah’s duty to create the rite. When his brothers and sisters arrived, he asked them to gather in a circle and the six stood next to one another and they knew this was to be a powerful rite because none who stood beside another stood alone.

“My brothers and sisters, I have summoned your presence today because we are about to transcend into a new form of existence and I wanted to be with all of you, my beloveds when that happens.”

Åmaahris smiled at his brother, reached out and took Téoah’s hand and said, “Gladly my friend and bloodkind.”

It pleased Téoah that Åmaahris, who tended to be the least attached to the family spoke first in answer and in gesture.

Then, Düroeriel, possessed of indescribable beauty proudly stated as she took Åmaahris’ hand, “There would be no other way I could think of to witness such a state than with my kindred.”

Téoah gazed at his sister admiringly, he thought of how her countenance could at one moment remind him of gentle orchards and at another of grand mountains. He nodded to her to show his pleasure.

Ssájhsca smiled and looked around at all of his brothers and sisters, sometimes he or they would erupt in fits of laughter when a smile was returned and memories exchanged through mere glances.

He then fixed his gaze on Téoah and said, “Revered one, cherished one, though it is you who have brought us to this point of glory, and it is you who we shall follow to become what we will; I wish to take a moment to express that I am so happy that that we have never been alone in this realm and we have experienced all the pleasures it has to offer. It has been the joy of my life to be your friend and your brother.”

Téoah found that water had shed from his eyes; where it had never done before, and so he placed his fingers to his cheek to wipe the water. “Ssájhsca, even now you give us gifts with your words in the form of these tears. It is a true blessing that what we will leave of ourselves is the very water that was given to us when we were born so long ago.”

He allowed his tears to fall to the ground, some of the drops hitting his feet, and his brothers and sisters joined in the new ritual they just formed. It would be known as the shedding of sorrows but even that name may be only what remains of a whisper on the breeze.

Then, Raë, with her eyes closed and her expression serene and luminous uttered, “I see a home for us in my mind, it is unbroken from the land and there is unobstructed view of all the world from every vantage. It is open, it is warm and comforting and all is possible there.”

Almost in unison the family let out a joyful laugh and when they were finished, Téoah addressed to his sister.

“The place you describe, my blessed sister, is the place that will be. All benefit from your mind’s ability to construct what is difficult to see. Thank you.”

She smiled and then she nodded to show her pleasure at Téoah. Raë reached out and took the hand of the youngest, who appeared like the youth that she was with the auspices of wisdom and age. Ajheun spoke gently but with confidence. “Brother who is first, you stand next to me and I see so many beginnings in your gentle eyes. Where there is beginning eldest, so there is end. I take from you the gift of knowledge and I give back to you the gift of understanding. Take my hand now brother and let us end the cycle of first and last, of beginning and ending.” Téoah took his beloved little sister’s hand and from that day forth the legend of his family would be told through out eternity. It would be told over again and in many forms such as in fable, in song, in dance and in love. It is a story, which is familiar to all who hear it, it has so many names and sometimes if you pay notice at schoolyards or in places where children play unfettered, you may hear a glimpse of the story as it is conveyed to them by what remains of it.

seven lanexander

A blue light. That was the first thing he saw in over 800 billion years. slowly his eyes became accustomed to the dim light cast by the awakening beacon. So many ages in hibernation could be quite traumatic if it weren’t for the simple solution thought of by the genius designers of this chamber. they knew that if it were successful; if they were able to suspend life for that long, that there would have to be an environment to awaken too that would not cause trauma and allow the sleeper to know that they were safe.

a blue light was their solution and now as seven lanexander woke from his nearly eternal sleep he noticed the blue light brightening and more of his surroundings being revealed to him.

now he remembered everything. he was engineered to remember everything.

seven was completely naked. he was suspended in a tube of what could only be described as amniotic fluid.

“seven, the scan showed you are completely healthy. hibernation was successful, for both of us, i’m activating all the systems now.” he heard the computer’s voice inside his mind. they were psychically connected when he was born. In fact there was nothing the computer didn’t know about what seven was feeling or desired or commanded. The computer taught him everything he needed to know and it followed him wherever he went.

slowly the fluid drained away and the blue light which had now brightened into a white light began to fill more than just the inside of the capsule tube. seven was starting to feel the warmth surging through his body as his blood now flowed freely once more. he felt a rush of excitement and pain as he realized his heart was beating inside his chest. he thought it was amazing to experience body death when they shut everything down to suspend him for the journey but he never thought that being revived would be even more exhilarating.

“They would have loved to hear your thoughts on this process seven, i am sure of it.”

He smiled. His family was a group of scientists that had created him, brought him into existence to be this one thing, to serve out one purpose for all of his kind. his was a journey of love and now that he was most likely the last life form of his kind in existence he would carry out his purpose with complete devotion.

a mechanism, a small whizzing sound could be heard above his head and below his feet and he realized he was able to hear the tiny and precise servos unlocking within the capsule. the glass that contained him slipped away into some part of the room he could not see and he was left standing in a white room that had been completely adjusted to be the perfect temperature for his comfort.

A machine came down and sprayed a kind of paste on his skin which began to turn into a suit that would make him even more comfortable. the suit was completely white and covered his entire body like a glove giving a different perspective to the perfection of his figure. the suit was luminous and different parts of it were blinking to indicate that it was recording telemetry on his body’s functions.

800 billion years ago they gave him the gift of life and they offered him the memory of any one he chose, he could be the exact recreation from anyone in history and he chose seven lanexander. a lonely boy from the northern continent of the first home-world. they were surprised, the scientists who created him, that he would go so far back to the past to chose his personage.

the person he chose, seven, never grew up, he was struck ill by a terrible plague of the time, even with the formidable medical technology of that era they could not fight off this plague. it was one of the many times their race had almost gone completely extinct.

and now a young boy who was killed in a devastating plague, would have the chance to grow up and complete the work of the greatest civilization and possibly save it from the ultimate ending.

seven wondered what he could have been dreaming of the entire time he was suspended. “Its best not to know the images of a so many years of dreams seven.” but the computer knew them, it had every dream, nightmare, abstract journey he went through stored in its memory banks. it had to, it was so important to monitor everything. in a way the computer knew seven in a way ways he could not fathom himself.

finally another light appeared letting him know it was time for the next step. the walls of the room faded away and became transparent, but even more than fade away, they were actually no longer there for they had completely dematerialized and now seven was able to see the length of his space craft unhindered. He thought the design was so elegant and beautiful, yet another testament to his people.

there were no rooms, no quarters, no engine rooms, no halls, no command rooms, it was just one giant room. the walls, ceiling and floor were transparent so that if you were outside the ship all you would see is the thin outline of contour where light hit and refracted against the otherwise clear and invisible rectangular ship. and appearing to be floating was a little figure amidst this grand graceful shape hurtling through the cosmos at matter obliterating speeds, his suit had now turned completely black and all around him was the great darkness. He remembered that there were still stars lit and scattered about when his journey began, even then there were no more theories, for they had become facts, about the fate of Drasyl.

complete death had come to the universe. the old ones named the universe iggdrasyl after the ancient tree myths and it was later referred to simply as drasyl. now drasyl was cold and all the fire gone out of it, there was nothing living anyplace except for seven lanexander.

it was the final darkness, all the stars in the entire universe were predicted to be gone now and it certainly appeared that way;  if the calculations proved correct there was supposed to be at least one star left. but where was it? he could see no source of light anyplace perhaps the calculations were wrong. He waited as the computer searched the nearby cosmos.

“Its not far now, seven, the sensors have found it you will see it in 15 seconds”

and just like that right in front of him was the last star. it looked misty and blue, at first he wasn’t sure if it wasn’t just another light aboard the ship, but as the ship grew nearer and it encompassed the majority of his view, seven knew that it what he was seeing was magnificent and was real.

a star, still burning. the probability that there was another one close by was so astronomical at this stage of the universes life. but one was all he needed to carry out his life’s purpose. inspired, seven finally spoke. his voice so tender and gentle.

“prepare the reaction. set the plan into motion.”

with that command, behind him a small light ignited at the dead center of the space craft and began to grow in intensity.

“your stats are elevated seven. be careful.”

he was excited beyond belief, but he calmed himself down, the next phase could not begin until his mind and body were completely ready.

“good, your training has proven intact. initiating phase two.”

suddenly all around him the walls began to show images in tiny little overlapping rectangles, they were vidoegraphic images in 3 dimensions showing the lives of unbelievably countless individuals. and slowly at first the images floated through the air toward seven and seemed to enter his mind with some kind of luminescent interaction between light and skin. seven was taken aback by the sensation of this interaction; he knew the mechanics of it but wasn’t prepared for the actual sensations both physical and mental.

“You are doing fine seven, i will increase the flow after the first one has fully integrated.”

he was filled with a sense of emotion and with memories of the complete life of an individual, a woman, Jjana, who lived on the first home world. it was the first archived life, using technology and numerous other processes that the first archivers liked to refer to as “meajik”.

seven felt a joyful tear drip down his cheek, it fell to the clear surface just at his feet and he could see that the ship had now moved to a position just above the star and it was rippling a violent and magnificent fiery blue light. He knew that he was viewing the star through a filter that his eyes created in order to see detail in such intense photonic environments and he knew that his eyes would appear like silver plated almonds if he could see himself in a mirror. more and more of the floating rectangles of light began to interact with seven and each one created a strong physical sensation, each memory or lifetime of memories produced another tear until he was overflowing with emotion; laughter, anger, fear, all of the things he had learned to control were now unleashed to him, and no one could comfort him or experience it with him except for that calm voice in his mind, that of his computer when he remembered the computer was watching over him he knew he could let go and accept what was coming.

seven was now within a whirlwind of light and motion and colour as he was in full interaction with the information being given to him. if one could have seen this happen from not to far away, it alone would look like a cosmic event and when the process was complete his suit dimmed slowly to complete black and seven’s eyes adjusted to the ambient light once more. he found he was kneeling on the floor, his knees must’ve buckled during the intensity of full download speeds.

“All your functions are within acceptable ranges seven. Congratulations you have done it.”

he felt alive with all these memories carefully compartmentalized and accessible within him and he could react to what was happening around him from any one of their perspectives and it seemed that all were in agreement as to the beauty of what he was experiencing and of what was about to happen.

“Everything is ready for the final phase seven.”

he felt a blast of warmth from behind him and when he turned he saw the little light at the center of the ship intensify. it had matched the rotation of the star below and was starting to flicker, each time it grew slightly. If this were to work, he had to interact with it and allow the ship to align his energy output frequencies to those of the reaction taking place but it would be painful in the form he chose to take.

Seven walked closer and closer to the bright orb in the center of his craft and he could already feel his skin pulling underneath his suit. The suit was designed to protect him from the most intense parts of the reaction but only for a short time, it was up to seven to stay alert and conscious through out the entire process. the suit now covered his face and his hands and it had turned a reflective red as it began to heat up to unimaginable temperatures.

all he could feel was his mind stretching as far back as it could go, he was struggling to hold together his existence as he was bombarded by so much force from the reaction taking place but he knew he had to get to the center of it. of all the forms he could have chose he chose this one; he wanted to be as true to seven as possible and this was the only way. naturally some enhancements and augmentations could be made to improve the physical form chosen but there were limitations that could not be avoided. skin would still burn and the brain could still shut down if the heart stopped functioning.

as he moved closer still, he felt his brain was at the limit of operation, it must’ve been burning up with activity trying to react to every input of pain it was receiving in the best way possible. seven did everything he could to disconnect the mind from the body but he needed to maintain as much control as he could to reach the center of the reaction.

he had been trained to experience pain and manage it but this was beyond anything he could have imagined and as if it couldn’t get worse he knew that for the first time in his life he would be disconnected from the link to his computer. he would be truly alone and if he survived it was unknown if the link could be re-established. but this was not a time for his personal well-being. the whole of all the people that he carried within him depended on his success. He looked down for a moment and saw the last star blazing as it spread apart and exploded from the reaction his ship was creating, soon the reaction would create forces that were only seen in the universe at its inception and he knew the meaning of his people depended on his strength at this moment.

“Good luck Seven.”

…of Balloons.

“Chester wait! Wait my man!” said Francis, panting heavily, almost as if in pain.

Chester’s boots could be heard scraping to a halt in the gravelled road. “Francis, keep up! We haven’t much time before it goes!”

“You’re running faster than I’ve ever seen!” Shouted Francis as he went at a spring toward and past Chester, laughing aloud as the bewildered young man had begun figuring out he’d been had.

“Francis! I’ll have you!” he cried out and began running after his friend. And not soon after, Chester proved his better fitness intact by catching up to and easily running Francis into a stretch. Chester slapped Francis’ shoulders teasingly.

“You cad! you absolute, cad!” said Francis indignantly and they slowed down to allow for a recovery of breath. Francis was clearly put off by the victory and was breathing with great labour.

“Come Frannie, you’ll forgive me when I show you what it is, just come along, not far now.” Francis could never be angry at Chester long.

The boys came out into a clearing and were in the center of a huge commotion set around a strange looking sight!

On the grassy field there were many of the townspeople and they were gathered around a very beautiful thing, “Chester, Chester, it, it’s ah…ha ha – its, my goodness! Its a Hot air Balloon!”

“I know, marvelous isn’t it?” Chester seemed bright with happiness.

They went up to where it was docked and there was a man poised just like a groom waiting for someone to climb into a carriage. Francis wondered who had arrived in it, what person of Royal Lineage was visiting today and how wonderful it would be if somehow he could be allowed to just step inside and imagine that he were soaring through the clouds. He stopped a respectable distance from the balloon and smiled at its driver/groom/attendant. The man simply nodded kindly.

It was exquisite he thought, how gilded the cabin was, and the workmanship on the great balloon itself. How, he thought, could the pilot of such a complicated craft dress so serenely in a servants clothing. One ought to be given a uniform like a soldier, a place of high regard among princes and men.

He had so many questions racing in his mind; how does it all really work? The books were never good at explaining how it felt to manage such a thing. What is it made of? He’d seen only illustrations and now here he was standing beneath the grandiose reality and he had lost all ability to speak.

Suddenly Chester walked past and up to the attendant. Francis was so worried that he rushed up to stop his friend from exerting an unintentional disregard for societies rules upon someone who probably knew more of atmospheric currents than the social graces.

Chester interrupted Francis’ attempts with a stern acknowledgment of what was going on, this always annoyed Francis far more than anything else but Chester knew it and only risked the tactic when he knew he could fulfill the stakes, “Hullo Francis, were you coming to stop me saying something to this fine pilot here?”

“I wouldn’t dream of stopping you Chester if you had full knowledge of the situation.”

Chester turned confidently and gazed into his friends’ bright green eyes, stopping him. “I have full knowledge of the situation, i assure you.” Chester knew that when he gave that look it meant to trust him no matter what. And Francis always did.

Chester smiled and backed up a little, continuing to gaze into Francis’ eyes. He stepped up next to the Pilot and he gestured for Francis to step inside.

Chester’s smile was so immense when he noticed how surprised Francis was (once he’d worked it all out) and Francis, still unable to understand how this wonder came to pass only knew that his friend had and was the only person who could arrange such a thing.

Before stepping inside the balloon, Francis looked at Chester and gave him a tender punch on the breast. He had no other friend in the world, and didn’t care because he had the best friend he’d ever needed right in front of him. “Thank you, Chester. You must know how much this means to me.”

“Then you must know how much it means to me my dear friend.” They stepped inside along with the Groom, who was also the Pilot. And after being fitted with goggles, then given to some minor preparation and participation, the balloon would be in the air and allowing the boys to discover a view of their home they’d only imagined could be seen. They felt like pioneer princes.

It Feels like this…

When I listen to my heart; Not the rhythmic beating of the most essential organ in the human body, but that place we all refer to… the poetic or divine heart, the heart chakra, the center, I realize that in the heart, there is no such thing as pain.

Most people define the heart as a place completely filled with love and joy, to me it literally is a place like that, filled with beauty and peace. I usually am aware of the heart when I experience things that make us feel joyful and happy and loved. Sometimes it happens when I’m having tea with a friend, or watching a television show, or drinking and dancing like that’s all there is to do. Sometimes it happens when I’m reading a book, or getting to know a stranger, and sometimes it happens when I’m dreaming of being a husband and a father. Perhaps another name for the heart, something else we may call it is love. And if love is something that I feel for many different people, places, ideas and things then why do we fret so much about love? I’m going to try to remember that the next time I am experiencing loving something or someone.

So what causes the pain? I believe it is our bodies reacting to our mind. And I believe our mind triggered by the flight or fight reaction we all have instinctually; and because we don’t have to run from predators anymore our instincts are attuned to our emotions instead. So I also believe that it is caused when we are hiding the truth about what we are feeling or what we want. So to simplify, the pain happens near the heart because our bodies are trying to tell us to remember something; remember to love.

What does my heart say when I listen to it? After I’ve stopped my mind from thinking of everything else and asked it to completely focus? After I’ve felt the drumbeat like thumping and the feeling of blood coursing through my body and I’ve enjoyed all the sensations I feel from my body?

It says that nothing is impossible if you love. And I believe that to mean that nothing is more rewarding, whatever the outcome may be.

Engagement Party

I saw him at a party and it was the most interesting way I ever started dating someone. He was tall and handsome and though he was well into his twenties, he looked no older than nineteen. His features were sharp, they were strong and they were comforting somehow. I couldn’t help staring into his intelligent and kind eyes, with strident and complimentary eyebrows; like a Vulcan from Star Trek.

He was somewhat peculiar, and though he was holding a drink, he looked upset. He was gazing off at something intently; as though he were watching a computer screen filled with information. And, while I’m sure the alcohol I’d consumed had something to do with it, I could swear that for a moment there were flashes of light in his eyes as they widened at some imaginary revelation.

I checked around the room to see if anyone had noticed me staring at him, thinking I might have to explain to one of our friends I was merely observing his eccentricities. Everyone was smiling and engaged no one had caught me staring it seems and when my attention took me back to him, he was staring right at me, and smiling. Everything happened so quickly after that, his drink suddenly tilting toward me was how I noticed he was walking toward me. I was so nervous he’d caught me gawking and was going to say something. But he was smiling and that kept me from running away in terror.

His magnificent gate, his excellent and well balanced frame, like that of a fencer, a precision instrument meant to overwhelm its opponent with the blinding gleam of beauty. Before I knew it he was upon me, His eyes locked onto my eyes, serious and focused and he said, I remember it so perfectly, he said;

“I think this is the moment that all my efforts will finally conclude. I can finally be with you, can you even imagine all I’ve had to do?”

We’d never been together, what was he talking about? I didn’t understand, so i just stared into his eyes, somewhat defiantly and inquisitively he smiled and continued,

“I have to make the universe create an exact duplicate of itself that’s 10 seconds behind this one, just 10 seconds is all I can do, it should give me just enough time to kiss you but I always miss, a thousand times before this, seemingly endlessly and then I have to jump into the time shifted universe and hope I did it in time!”

Then he kissed me.

It was the most amazing and passionate kiss I’d ever received and it made me remember something really extraordinary about us. I don’t know if I was just caught up in the moment or just so drunk I could imagine anything but I swear that a blue swirling light, like a portal was engulfing us.

He was so happy, beaming with a smile and an expression that seemed to say, at last! He then, calmly with satisfaction said we synced up our time streams by colliding two universes together, and he looked so pleased. And none of it frightened me and I believed every word, I still do.

Then he asked me to marry him and we said, “yes” in perfect unison.

Inspiration strikes the late night wanderer…

He was sitting in a rocking chair and I remember the wood of the floor was smooth and cold, walked upon for years and years. The details I remember aren’t the ones you’d expect. Like the metal pail with a little bit of water at the bottom, making it look like lights were dancing inside it as the sunlight reflected in the water.

I remember him looking off serenely, like the images of Merlin looking away into things we humans cannot know.

“It’s not like that at all.” he said answering my thoughts, it was so natural I didn’t question it, “You’re thinking about it with too many speed limits, and too many rules.”

“What’s it like then?” I asked.

“The universe is complex and it is simple, it is all at once so small and comprehensible yet great beyond knowledge and ability. The Universe is responsible for our belief in greater things, and it could scarcely be any other way; For when we first gained the ability to see, have no doubt, the first light those eyes observed was that of the stars.”

I noticed the sunlight come out of the clouds for a minute and illuminate the grass in the field beyond, it was waving like water, or like an impressionist painting. All the while he continued,

“Our part in the Universe is what we choose to make it, and knowing, not believing, that you are in some way in touch with the divine, because you are a part of the universe and you can see its entire history from beginning to end. A fiery birth drifting beautifully into a cool midnight.”

“What is divine anyways?” I asked in my thoughts.

“You are neither god nor mortal, there are no words in language or mathematics to describe who you are completely. No tools to map out your existence from birth to life. Not yet anyways. And you are gifted because you have the ability to see the universe entirely and yet still be within it.”

He paused, and when he began to speak again his voice was softer, and gentler,

“So, believe in what ever you want, because religion alone can never fill you the way that the search for knowledge will; because religion will never show you how much greater the universe is than any god we can concoct to approximate the majesty and wisdom that can be unveiled through the universe.

Some will say that perhaps these are machinations put into play to show us the way. But now we are beyond those thoughts and ideas and we have grown up. But to truly experience the great things we imagine ourselves to, a lot of people need to awaken to what they see every time they look up. The answer is right in front of our faces. Lets go find out what it is.”

He smiled at me and that made me smile back.