Feel Flows

Stars everywhere. There were countless, beautiful orbs across Micheal’s field of view. It was cold and it felt like outer space should feel. Though he shouldn’t be alive or breathing he found he was able to just fine and He found that he was completely naked. That’s when Micheal realized that he was dreaming. The awareness of the dream only distracted him from its beauty for mere seconds though.

There were no recognizable systems or constellations, this portion or corner of the universe that was being fabricated by his mind was completely unlike anything he’d seen or read about.

He turned his body ever so slightly and began to rotate much further and much faster than he expected. And as he twirled something magnificent came into view; He was in orbit around a beautiful world with purple and crimson swirling clouds! Almost indescribably beautiful. He felt sensations around his body the hairs on his neck stood up and he nearly gasped as the sight took on greater detail in his mind he was trying to record everything. He truly didn’t know if he was dreaming at this point because it felt very real. Where there were openings in the clouds, light seemed to stream out, as though this was a planet of fire underneath the thick atmosphere. Could he go toward it? How many rules could he break here? How many laws could he defy? Would his flesh be vaporized upon reentry?

The illusion was impressive, certainly everything looked and felt as real as anything he’d experienced in waking life. He wished for a camera, for the ability to take something tangible back when it was time to wake.

The closest real experience he could recount to feel the same were high speed express flights home from school. 45 minutes from Paris to Minneapolis. He had seen the curvature of the earth grow as the shuttle went to maximum altitude, but still, this was a whole new exhilaration because he was far enough away from the planet to see it completely fill the space of his vision and close enough to feel as though he could free-fall toward it.

Suddenly, as if that thought had given his body a jolt he became aware of a dark, pitch black disk shaped object ahead of him; it seemed to grow into what looked like a tunnel of complete darkness, like what he imagined a black hole could look like. A strange sound began to fill his ears; closely resembling digital clipping in a bad audio file and he felt his body being tugged forward.

“An Einstein Rosen Bridge?” he thought and then hoped, and suddenly he was being sucked in at increasing speed. Before long he could see his nose and hands stretching infinitely before him and his voice, his scream of excitement fell into boxes of impressionistic sound trailing behind him, he was traveling faster than thought and was entering a new state of peace when suddenly his eyes fluttered open and he gasped for air loudly causing him to feel as though he had just been dropped into reality.

It took him a few seconds to realize he was in his dorm room, in Paris, in his bed. He hated feeling startled after an intense dream but it was an experience he’d known all his life.

A gentle, soft sleepy voice came from the darkness and he became aware that he was laying in bed next to Pierre, “Are you fine Michel?”

it took him a moment or two to realize who he was with, he was stricken with alarm and then calmed down imperceptibly within the span of just a few seconds.

“Yes” he whispered back, “My name is Michael.”

Nothing came back from the darkness but he realized that pierre and he were somewhat embracing and they were both naked, and then he remembered that they had gotten very drunk together and he was able to infer the rest.

Michael fought the urge to get up, he lay there a minute staring into the darkness and then at some point fell back to sleep.


“Michel, Michel, wake up, I made a breakfast for us.”

Daylight constructed the familiar surroundings of his dormitory room.

“Thank you.” he said, while smiling at Pierre. Pierre was so incredibly cute and midway into the smile he felt Pierre’s lips against his and just as quickly but quite satisfyingly he stood back up and continued to go about his task in the kitchen. Pierre was still naked. It was slightly startling but when he remembered how much more free about the body the french were the shock dissipated.

Michael rose from the bed wrapping his lower body in his sheets as he looked around for his pajama bottoms.

“Why are American’s so shy?”

“I don’t know, I never thought about it.” he said as he tripped and fell over producing a loud thud. Pierre began to laugh with delight.

“Oh the stereotypes are so true, like Jerry Lewis, I think it is better if you are naked no?”

“Jerry Lewis liked to be naked?” Then he realized as the bad English began to make sense, “Oh the fall, No it is not better to be naked.” he laughed nervously, “I’ll keep my shirt off for you.”

“Oh, don’t perform favors for me please.” Pierre retorted.

Micheal walked over and sat at the small kitchen table where he ate most of his meals. “Will you kiss me again?”

“No.” Pierre responded smiling and clearly a bit hurt, then he leaned in and gave Micheal a kiss.

The boys ate omelets, toast and had coffee and after some more cuddling and kissing, Pierre dressed and was off.

Micheal sat and contemplated the events of the evening, he was able to gather some memories to piece the story together. Apparently what ever happened the night before, whatever commands he initiated for the hacker group had some kind of large scale repercussions, it was too strange to be a coincidence, at least not the whole thing. The power didn’t just switch off in Paris as he had previously thought but all over the planet.

The news report said a massive surge of electricity occurred and seemed to originate at CERN in Switzerland.

The world feared the worst would happen, but actually the best thing happened. After a few hours, people got bored and just started to party. It wasn’t just in Paris, apparently there were celebrations all over the world.

All the widespread panic, looting and other things didn’t really happen except in small pockets. No governments overthrown, no shifts in financial power, no world wars. It made Michael incredibly happy. Or maybe he was falling in love.

He spent the rest of the day reading, learning what had happened, what did the scientists think. Around 6 PM when the sun was lowering in the sky and he was enjoying a cup of coffee, his phone buzzed to indicate he had a message from Frederick.

Frederick: Had a strange dream last night i was flying through space, and I’m joining the off world corps, how are you?


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