It Feels like this…

When I listen to my heart; Not the rhythmic beating of the most essential organ in the human body, but that place we all refer to… the poetic or divine heart, the heart chakra, the center, I realize that in the heart, there is no such thing as pain.

Most people define the heart as a place completely filled with love and joy, to me it literally is a place like that, filled with beauty and peace. I usually am aware of the heart when I experience things that make us feel joyful and happy and loved. Sometimes it happens when I’m having tea with a friend, or watching a television show, or drinking and dancing like that’s all there is to do. Sometimes it happens when I’m reading a book, or getting to know a stranger, and sometimes it happens when I’m dreaming of being a husband and a father. Perhaps another name for the heart, something else we may call it is love. And if love is something that I feel for many different people, places, ideas and things then why do we fret so much about love? I’m going to try to remember that the next time I am experiencing loving something or someone.

So what causes the pain? I believe it is our bodies reacting to our mind. And I believe our mind triggered by the flight or fight reaction we all have instinctually; and because we don’t have to run from predators anymore our instincts are attuned to our emotions instead. So I also believe that it is caused when we are hiding the truth about what we are feeling or what we want. So to simplify, the pain happens near the heart because our bodies are trying to tell us to remember something; remember to love.

What does my heart say when I listen to it? After I’ve stopped my mind from thinking of everything else and asked it to completely focus? After I’ve felt the drumbeat like thumping and the feeling of blood coursing through my body and I’ve enjoyed all the sensations I feel from my body?

It says that nothing is impossible if you love. And I believe that to mean that nothing is more rewarding, whatever the outcome may be.

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