Engagement Party

I saw him at a party and it was the most interesting way I ever started dating someone. He was tall and handsome and though he was well into his twenties, he looked no older than nineteen. His features were sharp, they were strong and they were comforting somehow. I couldn’t help staring into his intelligent and kind eyes, with strident and complimentary eyebrows; like a Vulcan from Star Trek.

He was somewhat peculiar, and though he was holding a drink, he looked upset. He was gazing off at something intently; as though he were watching a computer screen filled with information. And, while I’m sure the alcohol I’d consumed had something to do with it, I could swear that for a moment there were flashes of light in his eyes as they widened at some imaginary revelation.

I checked around the room to see if anyone had noticed me staring at him, thinking I might have to explain to one of our friends I was merely observing his eccentricities. Everyone was smiling and engaged no one had caught me staring it seems and when my attention took me back to him, he was staring right at me, and smiling. Everything happened so quickly after that, his drink suddenly tilting toward me was how I noticed he was walking toward me. I was so nervous he’d caught me gawking and was going to say something. But he was smiling and that kept me from running away in terror.

His magnificent gate, his excellent and well balanced frame, like that of a fencer, a precision instrument meant to overwhelm its opponent with the blinding gleam of beauty. Before I knew it he was upon me, His eyes locked onto my eyes, serious and focused and he said, I remember it so perfectly, he said;

“I think this is the moment that all my efforts will finally conclude. I can finally be with you, can you even imagine all I’ve had to do?”

We’d never been together, what was he talking about? I didn’t understand, so i just stared into his eyes, somewhat defiantly and inquisitively he smiled and continued,

“I have to make the universe create an exact duplicate of itself that’s 10 seconds behind this one, just 10 seconds is all I can do, it should give me just enough time to kiss you but I always miss, a thousand times before this, seemingly endlessly and then I have to jump into the time shifted universe and hope I did it in time!”

Then he kissed me.

It was the most amazing and passionate kiss I’d ever received and it made me remember something really extraordinary about us. I don’t know if I was just caught up in the moment or just so drunk I could imagine anything but I swear that a blue swirling light, like a portal was engulfing us.

He was so happy, beaming with a smile and an expression that seemed to say, at last! He then, calmly with satisfaction said we synced up our time streams by colliding two universes together, and he looked so pleased. And none of it frightened me and I believed every word, I still do.

Then he asked me to marry him and we said, “yes” in perfect unison.

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