Inspiration strikes the late night wanderer…

He was sitting in a rocking chair and I remember the wood of the floor was smooth and cold, walked upon for years and years. The details I remember aren’t the ones you’d expect. Like the metal pail with a little bit of water at the bottom, making it look like lights were dancing inside it as the sunlight reflected in the water.

I remember him looking off serenely, like the images of Merlin looking away into things we humans cannot know.

“It’s not like that at all.” he said answering my thoughts, it was so natural I didn’t question it, “You’re thinking about it with too many speed limits, and too many rules.”

“What’s it like then?” I asked.

“The universe is complex and it is simple, it is all at once so small and comprehensible yet great beyond knowledge and ability. The Universe is responsible for our belief in greater things, and it could scarcely be any other way; For when we first gained the ability to see, have no doubt, the first light those eyes observed was that of the stars.”

I noticed the sunlight come out of the clouds for a minute and illuminate the grass in the field beyond, it was waving like water, or like an impressionist painting. All the while he continued,

“Our part in the Universe is what we choose to make it, and knowing, not believing, that you are in some way in touch with the divine, because you are a part of the universe and you can see its entire history from beginning to end. A fiery birth drifting beautifully into a cool midnight.”

“What is divine anyways?” I asked in my thoughts.

“You are neither god nor mortal, there are no words in language or mathematics to describe who you are completely. No tools to map out your existence from birth to life. Not yet anyways. And you are gifted because you have the ability to see the universe entirely and yet still be within it.”

He paused, and when he began to speak again his voice was softer, and gentler,

“So, believe in what ever you want, because religion alone can never fill you the way that the search for knowledge will; because religion will never show you how much greater the universe is than any god we can concoct to approximate the majesty and wisdom that can be unveiled through the universe.

Some will say that perhaps these are machinations put into play to show us the way. But now we are beyond those thoughts and ideas and we have grown up. But to truly experience the great things we imagine ourselves to, a lot of people need to awaken to what they see every time they look up. The answer is right in front of our faces. Lets go find out what it is.”

He smiled at me and that made me smile back.

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