Sometimes there is another time traveler that comes to visit me. He always wakes me up in the middle of the night and in hushed gentle tones takes me to his time machine. It works a lot like the TARDIS and he makes it look just like a blue Police Box for my enjoyment.

Mostly we stay away from Earth. I have been to some of the strangest and most interesting planets you can imagine. Last night was no exception and I wanted to write about it while it was fresh in my mind, because it always feels like a dream afterwards. I asked him once why he doesn’t remember taking me to these places when I interact with him in waking life. His answer is very smart, “You haven’t gotten to the part in our lives where I’m time traveling yet.”

He usually dresses like the 10th Doctor but last night he was wearing a kind of futuristic jumper.

“What are you wearing?”

“This is the latest fashion where we are.”

I was in a bed, it was daytime, the bed was really long and wide and super comfortable, I looked around the room and it was enormous, with huge windows all around and a huge dome of glass above us. The sky was a brilliant shade of blue and it seemed like we were up in some mountainous region.

“How come it always feels like a dream?” I asked groggily.

“Because to you, it is like a dream, well, it is like a dream to me too, your body is still safely tucked away at home. Mine is too, but where I come from we can time travel when we sleep and we can travel through space.”

“Can anyone do this?” I asked.

“Yes, I learned it from you.” He said smiling and with a finger on his lips letting me know it was time to stop asking those kinds of questions.

When I got out of bed and walked around, I realized I was also wearing one of those jumpers. It felt just perfect, like the most comfortable garment one can imagine. It also felt very technological, as if there were micro this’s and that’s inside of it making sure I looked and felt great in it.

My friend walked up next to me and led me to a window. The mountains we were in looked unremarkable from the ones on earth, except when you looked down it seemed as though they were the highest mountains in the universe. They were covered in snow except where craggy rocks jutted out here and there.

“The name of this planet is Nesdarahoo Tanneliet, well that’s the name in English anyways.”

“Let me guess, you speak Nesdarahooan?”

“Of course I do.” We noticed a delicate repeating chime going off in the direction of the door, “I’ll get that.”

The whole thing looked like something out of Star Wars to me. I looked out of another window and noticed there was a whole city perched atop the mountain ridge we were on. It stretched out pretty far and all along the other mountain tops there were similar constructions. It looked like the ones on this ridge were interconnected. I peeked over at the doorway and saw a slender bi-pedal looking being with a narrow head with a very mild distinction for eyes nose and mouth. They were having a conversation about something but it was just unintelligible to me.

When he came back my friend informed me that we’re invited for a tour of the city later in the day.

“I don’t know if you’ll be able to though, I have to take you back so you can get a good night’s rest.”

“So, it works like that?”

“Yeah.” He said somewhat sadly. He gazed out the window for a moment, then turned and smiled at me. “That’s not the reason I brought you here though.”

“What is?”

He pointed out the side window, “That.”

There was an extremely slow moving grey tornado forming between the mountains. It looked like grayish dye or paint being turned under water into a vortex. It was extremely beautiful but then as if it couldn’t be any prettier snow started flinging out of it in all direction outwards from this column of clouds. The snow wasn’t falling it was flying past, really slowly and it was exquisite.

“It also rains like this here.”

“WOW!” I said as I got right up to the window and watched the beautiful puffs of snow fly past. As the Snow-Tornado approached I got worried but my friend assured me it was harmless even if we were outside. The gravity on this planet is just strong enough to sustain life but not strong enough to keep snow from flying out of a tornado.

We sat there and watched the sight together as we drank some kind of hot nectar drink that tasted like tea but different. I remember smiling a lot and laughing; Funny, because we seem to do that a lot together anyhow.

I felt really happy when I woke up this morning, and rested and refreshed too. The dream felt so real it made me wonder for a few minutes. As always I told my friend about the adventure he took us on and as always he just chuckled.

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