Somewhere between 7 and 12 I started having a series of re-occurring dreams, the first that I can remember in any case. Over the course of a few weeks it was the same beginning. The sound of everything flooding in my ears and then the most real sounds of a forest, leaves crunching, trees swaying, wind blowing and then smells, is that normal to remember smells from a dream?

I know you are supposed to dream in black and white but that’s never been true for me. I’d pick myself up and walk around the forest sort of aimlessly. Too afraid to really shout; Even at that age I had this sense that one shouldn’t bring attention to oneself if lost in a forest, even if it was a dream forest.

As I roamed around looking for something familiar, or a hint of civilization, a house, perhaps made of gingerbread, a road, anything; occasionally from the corner of my little eyes, I would catch a hint of a person, someone fast, who hid behind the trees and watched me. I was in a place where I didn’t feel completely safe but at the same time my curiosity prevented me from panicking.

On the fifth or sixth re-occurrence of this dream I no longer felt scared, in fact I kind of became comfortable in this new dream forest. For some reason I had warm clothes, it was autumn although there were enough evergreens to make you feel as though it could have been spring, I just knew because of the way the sky looked and there was a greyish brown on the ground, oh and loads of leaves. Sometimes there were mounds of leaves and I would run through them kicking them up everywhere! I was certain I heard laughter when I did this but when I would stop to catch my bearings and see if I could sense what was going on, nothing revealed.

One day I heard some music coming from what I’d determined was the north. I started following it and in the distance I saw a young man, older than me just standing in the middle of the forest. He was looking right at me, smiled and then ran off. I noticed he was barefoot and his hair a wild waft of blond fire!

I chased him… I’ve been chasing him ever since.

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