There aren’t any words to describe…

A long time ago when I was a young British man, still a boy by our standards now, I sailed on the high seas; it was before there was a United States or a Canada for that matter. And, it wasn’t by choice; I was made to do it. I can look back at it now as a good experience though.

You’ve seen enough movies to understand what life may have been like back then so I’ll spare you the details except for when they are necessary.

Before everyone starts thinking that I am talking about a past life here, or a memory of a past life to be more accurate, lets just say it’s a dream I keep having and that the dream seems like a memory. Otherwise we can spend a whole entry philosophizing the meaning of reality.

I had actual real hair, it was blond, the wind kissed it often, by the standards of the day I was kind of plain, thin and frail, but today I’d be a fashion model. Its funny how things change, I guess I never thought about it though, I didn’t have television to tell me I was ugly or attractive, I didn’t spend hours thinking about how I could look better. Ah, such is hindsight, that it is 20/20. I spent a lot of time looking at my face and analyzing it in puddles of water that formed on the deck or below in our quarters.

Lets see, why did I bring this up? Oh yes, now I remember: There was someone else, another person that I remember to this day. He was very kind to me, always gave me scraps from his plate, he was a lieutenant or something. Too bad we can’t change the past; I’d have realized that he was not just being kind. There was more, but I dared never cross the lines and say something.

When he lost himself and stared at me though, I knew he wasn’t just gazing in my direction and lost in a reverie, I knew he was wondering if I could feel the same, because everything he knew, his whole perception was based on me being fundamentally different from him. Incapable of the higher states of love he felt, yet he was compelled by me.

His kindness made me realize that there was happiness and beauty in the world.

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