One year ago today, I was kind of nervous about going to Europe. I had an amazing weekend trip to Boston to visit Monie, and later today, a year ago, I’ll have been at the airport tweeting: “waiting for my flight at Logan International back home to Miami, thanks to everyone for showing me a great time this weekend!”

It was an amazing weekend. I laughed, got drunk, I even cried that weekend; pretty intense. When I got home to Miami, I had a cup of Gyokuro and listened to my favourite artist, Glenn Gould play his later rendition of Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

A year later, I’m remembering this and in 18 days I’ll be writing about how it has been one year since I got on a plane and took the first steps on a journey that totally changed my life.

This weekend was an unofficial and unexpected celebration; I sang karaoke in Boca Raton with two unexpected friends. Your not supposed to cross professional boundaries but this time I’m so glad I did because they are marvelous and we were marvelous, and every time I went up on stage the DJ played the doctor who theme song. I impressed him because I carried the sonic screwdriver with me, I should always carry the sonic screwdriver.

It is amazing that it took that entire journey to fully embrace that being Happy could be a choice.

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