This is the first day of my life…

When I was a kid, like in elementary school, there was this feeling I got every now and again that the light changed. Once I understood the science behind that feeling, the tilt of the earth the proximity to the sun, the seasons; it didn’t really eliminate the magic behind it. In fact it was more magical.

In 6th grade, on Valentines day, we were to produce and distribute Valentines to our classmates. So everyone went to the pharmacy, (Eckerd’s for those of you that remember) and bought those boxes that came with 50 cards and envelopes. Supply and demand or demand and supply at work.

That year I found a box with a Roger Rabbit theme, I didn’t want to give them all away because I loved the cards so much. I managed to save one of each kind because there weren’t so many people in the class and only 5 or 6 variations in the pack. Giving Valentines cards was difficult; I had no clue what to write. I realize now that I wrote the sweetest things to the cutest boys in class.

When I was in Vondelpark in Amsterdam last summer, there was a beautiful young man sitting on the back of whom I assumed from the dirty looks was his boyfriend; He was giving him a half-assed back rub. The light from the sun glinting on the pond was touching the young man’s wafts of blond hair and his eyes shimmered with blue intensity. He had those pillowed lips. He noticed me staring and he looked over and smiled at me. When our gazes met, I felt the blood rushing to my cheeks and saw his blush response occurring too, I remarked to my friends that I was experiencing all these changes in my body; chemical, hormonal and I knew that this was attraction and part of love. I said it loud enough to hear, “I’m in love with him.”

When we moved on, we walked past them, the boyfriend looked uninterested and had moved on to napping. The young man turned to reach for his hat just as I had walked past and looked directly into my eyes, shrugged slightly and smiled. It was brilliant, and instead of relishing in it I got too excited and tried to show my friends what was going on. The moment had passed. Having understood the science behind attraction hasn’t taken away the magic.

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