In the Na.

Was walking around UM remembering things when I walked past the library and saw a poster with a picture of the commodore, Ralph Middleton Munroe staring at me, “The Commodores’ Story” a show.

I used my charms to charm my way into the library without being a student. “No one has been this excited to see this thing.”

“I used to work at the Barnacle.” I know Ralph Munroe a little better than most people know dead people. I used to stand in the places he stood and gaze out at Biscayne Bay; it’s really something that view. Not many people can say they stood up on the second floor in the doorway and felt like they could feel the ghosts.

“You know they are probably going to close it down.”

Something that I never fathomed could change just did. I took the guest pass, looked at every photograph in a way I may not have, had I been oblivious to it disappearing soon. I know I was smiling, some of the pictures made me feel like I was back there again.

How different am I because of the Barnacle and Bill, and Terry and Karen. I still miss Bill. I took it all in and set off to meet The Jugglers and the man who introduced me to them.

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