From India with love.

My friend is in India right now. He wrote to me and told me about some of the things he’s doing over there. It seems at once horrific and magical. He described himself as having lost a great deal of weight. We’d always discussed doing a photo shoot where he would be held in the arms of another friend to recreate the Michelangelo’s Pieta. In his letter he suggested that I should reconsider to a fashion version of Gandhi, maybe I should, with his Harem.

They were surrounded by school kids at a beach and asked to give a show and tell about themselves. The children had never seen anyone like my friend but that’s not very surprising. He doesn’t stand out as someone you’ve never met before, your first impression of him is usually; ‘wow he’s gorgeous,’ except me, I didn’t think that (a lie). When you get to know him and get past the looks, you realize, “I’ve never met anyone like this person before” and then it starts getting really interesting.

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