No time like the now…

I’m really enjoying the early to bed, (relatively) early to rise thing. Making breakfast, checking Facebook and then still having plenty of time to get to work on time and get started have been wonderful.

I concentrate a lot on retail vs everything else but its something that’s on my mind a lot. It’s funny because there’s nothing about my experience in retail, specifically at Apple retail that I would trade for something else. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” never rang more true than working at The Apple Store.

I really like where I am today, what I’m doing, feeling and thinking, and I know that an innumerable number of choices through out my life and an infinitesimal number of variables outside and related to those choices led me to this point. I am happy. I guess for me, Happiness is living in the moment and enjoying where you are presently. If the present condition becomes something you don’t enjoy, you should really consider changing it. If you are going to make a choice that changes the present condition, make sure you consider your happiness before doing it.

Off to work.

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