A little song, a little dance.

This weekend, if you suppose that the weekend begins on a Friday, a really close friend was fired from his job at Apple. I wrote a really emotional and passionate note on Facebook and then later that night after a beer or two decided to send it to Ron Johnson, head of Apple retail and Steve Jobs.

I didn’t expect a response so quickly but I got one. He said he would look into the situation. Then, feeling encouraged I wrote some Information about my friend. The response this time was discouraging. He seemed to not understand the point of my first email and concentrated on information that he felt I omitted. Namely, my status as former employee and that I was not there to witness my friend being unfairly dismissed.

I didn’t respond. I felt there was no reason to go down that path with him.

It got me to thinking and wondering about a lot of things though. Many questions came to mind. If you know who Glenn Eisen is, Ron Johnson, why haven’t you reinstated his position?

If you read the letter, why wouldn’t you know I was a former employee?

I chalked it up to him protecting his interests based on legal advice. Or protecting his managers from an outside presence. Apple now has Billions of dollars in the bank. Someone like Glenn seems less like a casualty or loss to Ron Johnson, or to Steve Jobs and more like an incident.

One thought on “A little song, a little dance.

  1. I agree that the response you got was probably a result of cautious legal advisors. And even if you were not there when the events went down, remember you were there during the lead up. This was not an overnight incident it was a campaign.

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